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CraftCrawls.com produces neighborhood Craft Beer Pub Crawls in Chicago, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Minneapolis and other cities around the country. We will feature at least 10-20 great CRAFT BEERS  and GOURMET BURGERS from your favorite local bars & restaurants.  The Crawls will encompass between 8 and 15 venues in your cities best  entertainment districts and be attended by thousands of people.   There’s nothing better than spending a nice day out with friends sampling great craft beers in your city’s great establishments.

Thanks to all the people that came out to the River North Craft Crawl on Sept. 21, 2013. We will have photos up on the site in the next few days. We look forward to seeing you in the spring!

Check out the Photos from our Event on May 18 in The River North Area of Chicago

Buy your tickets early because the price goes up as we get closer to the event date, Post our events on Facebook and your favorite Social Media sites to tell your friends that you’re on board and so that they won’t miss out. Our events have a history of selling out in advance.

The featured craft beerss will be offered at a significantly discounted price during the entire event. This will give you a great opportunity to sample several brands. Our events are always in neighborhoods with a high density of bars & pubs so you can walk from place to place without having to jump on a trolley or in a car. Most bars will offer gourmet burgers or other food items on special the day of the event.

We will post a list of all the participating bars as well as all the craft beers and bourbon that will be available at each event.

Your tickets get you a Craft Crawl Passport which will grant you entry to any of the venues on the day of the event.  The Passport will include a map of the bars participating and the craft beers available at each venue.

You must purchase your tickets in advance and will need The official Craft Crawl Passport to participate in our events.




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