CraftCrawls.com was started by Ted Widen & Doug Simons

Ted is the owner of Chicago-Scene.com, which has been producing great events since 1998, he hosts one of the largest New Years Eve Parties in Chicago known as Chicago Scene New Years Eve Party at The Drake Hotel  with over 2000 attendees and the CHICAGO SCENE BOAT PARTY that draws over 800 privatley owned boats and draws over 10,000 people every year on the last Saturday in July, in the “Play Pen” on Lake Michigan just of Ohio Street Beach.

Doug Simons, a Chicago Restaurant & Bar broker with over 25 years of industry experience.

Together they are working on producing beer festivals in the Chicago called the WindyCityCraftBeerFestival.com

We love craft beer and wanted to be a part of the growth of the industry by producing great parties & Festivals involving craft beers in Chicago and all over the country.