What is a Craft Crawl?
A Craft crawl is a Pub Crawl on steroids. We have brought together great Craft Beers & Burgers all in a very small area so you can walk to each new spot. All of the Sponsored drinks will be at a special price all day significantly cheaper than normal. We give you a map that shows you where to go and what beer will be on Special at each location. Plus you will get you a Passport for the “Passport Challenge” the idea is to get that stamped at every bar on the crawl and win great prizes.

Where/When do I pick up my Tickets/Wristband

Please pick up your Wristband. Event Map and event credentials at any of the participating venues anytime after noon on the day of the event.  At the venue[s], you will present your printed ticket and photo ID.  We’ll also give you your “Passport” which if stamped at all participating venues in the Crawl you will qualify you for the prizes!

Where does the event start?
Pick a bar any bar that is participating. Then go to a new bar to sample a new beer.

How Many Bars?
Typically we have 8-15 bars all in walking distance of one another.

How many Beers/Breweries?
Typically we have 8-20 Beers at special prices all day long.

What else is offered at Special prices?
Typically one Bourbon/Whiskey and one Gourmet Burger at each venue.

How should I get there?
Don’t Drink & Drive; Take a taxi, Public Transportation, stay overnight in a hotel or use a designated driver.

Where is the event?
Each cities event page will have a list of bars and beers plus a map of where they are all located. You will receive a Craft Crawl map when you pick up your lanyard the week before the event. On each map you’ll find the participating bars in the area and the beers they are offering and prices during the pub crawl.

What’s the “Passport Challenge”?

As you go around the event make sure you get your Passport stamped at each venue, if you get all the stamps from all the venues you can send us a photo of you holding your passport and you will be entered into the drawing for some great prizes.  Send the photo of you holding the filled up Passport and your contact info to:   Info(at)CraftCrawls.com

How old must you be?
You must be of legal drinking age or older to purchase your ticket[s] and to participate in our Craft Pub Crawls.

What happens if I cannot make it?
Tickets are not refundable, but ticket holders may transfer tickets to someone else on their own.

What do I need to bring to get in?
Your printed out ticket and a valid 21+ photo ID.

Is there a limited number of tickets I can buy?
Yes, you may purchase up to ten tickets per transaction.

Will the Event Sell Out?
Our Events typically sell out, so buy your tickets early and make sure you get all your friends on board as early as possible so they don’t get left out in the cold.

How much are tickets?
The event page shows the ticket price.

Can I purchase a ticket the day of the event?
Yes, buy only if we don’t sell out in advance.

Do you accept credit cards or checks?
We accept all major Credit cards online in advance. Sorry, we do not accept checks.

Where can I buy my ticket?
Go to our Events page Here

When is it coming to my City?
Please email us and let us know where you live and where you think would be a great part of your city to have the event.